The Evolution of Woolen Moss

Wanting to do something more meaningful and sustainable after years of sewing for the high end home interior industry, I established Woolen Moss in 2009. I began by making clothing from all natural materials for myself and realized I could do the same for others.

My love of wool goods began with the start of Woolen Moss Farm in 2006. The vision of raising all my own wool from the sheep on my own farm evolved into a pursuit of relationships with other wool growers and textile producers, sourcing only high quality wool fabrics for my clothing.

Knowing that conventional cotton is the most highly sprayed crop in the world, I also began carrying organic cotton fabrics blended with bamboo for summer garments. This step propelled me into a year round thriving handmade clothing business.

Today Woolen Moss continues to be a small operation. Being a good steward of your planet means taking good care of yourself too. The idea behind Woolen Moss is that feeling good and looking good are tied together. I believe that moving freely, feeling good about who you are and “being the change you wish to see in the world” can all start with taking good care of yourself and your family. Good, clean, flattering garments are a lovely way to start.